Teen Counseling

It’s no secret that adolescence can be an extremely stressful period in our lives. Everything we knew about life and ourselves is changing, and we don’t always know how to interpret the inner dialogue that is still fairly new to us. Unlike children, teens have often already developed rudimentary boundaries, though they do not always recognize them or no how to express when those boundaries are not being respected. In my experience, teens that are often seen as troublesome or troubled can learn to give their emotions a voice and better understand why they feel how they feel. Through counseling, that understanding can lead to behavioral improvement and improved interactions with friends, family members, and teachers.

Giving a Voice to Emotions

As adults, we may not always listen to our inner dialogue, or we may not consider the effects of its negative tone. As teens, however, we don’t always realize what that inner dialogue is or how much it is influenced by our increasingly more powerful emotions. Failure to nurture our inner relationships can have significant consequences in adulthood, but for teens, the emotional turmoil is often made worse by the added stress and anxiety of adolescence. Through counseling, teens can learn to quiet that inner turmoil by giving their emotions a voice, and to hone their inner relationships as they grow older.

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Adolescence can be a trying time, but with counseling, teens can learn to voice the emotions that drive their inner dialogues. Please know that, throughout your counseling, you are the leader and I am your resource. I want you to take full responsibility for what you want to change and work at a pace that is truly your own. If you’d like to set an appointment, call my office in Trophy Club, TX, today at 817-729-7807, or select a service by visiting our online appointment scheduler.