I have counseled couples, individuals, and families for over 12 years, and for every patient, I uphold a standard of complete confidentiality. Not only are my services discreet, but when I happen to run into patients outside of the office, I may not initiate contact without acknowledgement from the patient first. I understand that the act of seeking counseling is a deeply personal experience, and discretion is a fundamental part of the confidentiality agreement I establish with all of my patients.

Aside from discretion, complete confidentiality allows us to maintain a level of neutrality that is essential to the success of every patient’s treatment. As a counselor and a resource, I am most able to help when I can conform to meet each patient’s unique needs. Complete confidentiality in all aspects helps facilitate that process.

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As a relationship counselor, complete confidentiality with patients is more than a courtesy; it’s an essential component of their successful counseling and emotional wellness. If you’d like to learn more or set an appointment, call my office in Trophy Club, TX, today at 817-729-7807, or select a service by visiting our online appointment scheduler.