Children’s Counseling

Much of my experience has involved counseling children in difficult family situations, from children of divorce and blended families to those who experience issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, and more. Even at young ages, our developing inner relationships shape who we are and how we feel about ourselves. For children, however, it can be difficult to fully understand, much less express, their emotions and boundaries, which often leads to behaviors that parents see as problematic. By helping children set and define their emotional boundaries, counseling can help them develop more confident and self-assured inner selves, resulting in positive inner dialogues as they grow older.

The Importance of Boundaries

Like adults, children are highly influenced by the needs to connect with others around them and to control their own destinies, though they’re often limited in their ability to voice those needs. The frustration can cause some children to act out in their search for attention, or it can exacerbate emotional issues such as depression and grief. In the complicated dynamics of a step-family, it is especially important for young children to understand, set, and be able to express emotional boundaries early in life. Through counseling, they can learn to do so successfully.

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Counseling can often help children recognize their emotional boundaries and express them in positive ways, which helps them build stronger, more beneficial inner relationships throughout adolescence and adulthood. Please know that, throughout your counseling, you are the leader and I am your resource. I want you to take full responsibility for what you want to change and work at a pace that is truly your own. If you’d like to set an appointment, call my office in Trophy Club, TX, today at 817-729-7807, or select a service by visiting our online appointment scheduler.