Couples Counseling

Of the many relationships we form in life, romantic ones can sometimes be the most challenging. They are among the only relationships that we form completely by choice, and emotionally, they are relatively the easiest to exit. Because of these unique aspects, couples’ relationships are often my favorites—they show us the basics of our own inner relationships and what factors may be contributing to our interactions with others. For couples, the struggle is often one of power and territory, though it’s a struggle that is usually unnecessary.

Don’t Miss the Lesson

It is within romantic relationships that we often experience the biggest conflict between our two driving needs—being connected and controlling our own destinies. After the initial “honeymoon” phase of the relationship, both parties must learn how the relationship fits into their own lives. Without the intense feeling of love, many believe that the challenges they now face mean the relationship is over. My advice is always “don’t be too quick to walk away and miss the lesson.”

The Self in the Relationship

The state of our inner relationships can influence how we see and treat our romantic partners. For instance, constant negative inner dialogue can cause us to interpret criticism from our partners in a negative way. Or, we may perceive our partners’ actions as personal slights against us. In addition to the regular challenges of lasting, mature love, fighting and power struggles in a romantic relationship could be hinting at turmoil in our inner relationships.

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As a relationship counselor, couples are often my most interesting and enlightening patients, and I love helping them overcome their challenges to enjoy true, lasting love. Please know that, throughout your counseling, you are the leader and I am your resource. I want you to take full responsibility for what you want to change and work at a pace that is truly your own. If you’d like to set an appointment, call my office in Trophy Club, TX, today at 817-729-7807, or select a service by visiting our online appointment scheduler.