As we grow, we develop emotions that we do not always understand or know how to express. We also develop an inner dialogue that helps us analyze ourselves and the world around us. This dialogue is largely based on the emotions we feel and how we interpret them, and it significantly influences our dialogue and interactions with the people closest to us. To protect those emotions, we also develop boundaries, though we are not always aware of where those boundaries lie. When our emotions and inner dialogue are negative, it’s often a sign that certain boundaries are not being respected, either within our inner relationships or in our relationships with loved ones.

Being Your Own Best Friend

Whether we realize it or not, our inner voices our powerful. From the encouraging “You can do this!” at the back of your mind before starting a new job to the “You should have known better” that echoes in your conscious when you make a mistake. Your inner voice stems from your subconscious, and is a manifestation of your inner relationship. You should be your own best friend; when your inner dialogue is mostly negative and critical, it can be difficult to maintain other friendships and relationships. Issues like anxiety, depression, territorial struggles between family members, and trouble in romantic relationships can often be traced to disharmony in the inner relationship. Therefore, the most important focus of counseling is learning how to develop a healthy and wholesome inner relationship.

Emotions and Boundaries

In today’s hectic society, it can be more than challenging to find enough alone time to reflect on the tone and substance of our inner dialogues. When we’re not interacting with others, instant communication and social media eat up much of the alone time we do have. This means we have little or no time to reflect on our inner dialogue, or how our emotions may be affecting our relationships. Counseling helps us realize the importance of taking time to focus on our inner relationships, and helps us transform negative inner dialogue into positive, encouraging self-reflection.

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