Family Counseling

While romantic relationships may be among the most challenging, relationships among family members are usually the most complicated. There are almost limitless factors that define the dynamics of these connections, each one affected in its own unique way by our own inner relationships.

Parents and Children

There is no connection like that between parents and their children. As the strongest bond, it can also be the most influential on our lives, both as children and as parents. As children, our inner relationship is still new and developing, sometimes easily influenced by the input we receive from our parents. As adults, the tone of our inner voices may seem similar to the corrective voices our parents used in our childhood. With counseling, parents can better understand how they help shape their children’s inner relationships, and how their own inner dialogue may be harming or benefiting them.

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As a family counselor, my specialty is helping family units grow stronger by helping each member improve their inner relationships. Please know that, throughout your counseling, you are the leader and I am your resource. I want you to take full responsibility for what you want to change and work at a pace that is truly your own. If you’d like to set an appointment, call my office in Trophy Club, TX, today at 817-729-7807, or select a service by visiting our online appointment scheduler.